Foam Roof Repair

Foam-roof-repairAt Hoppe Roofing, we proudly offer full-scale commercial roofing services. These service offerings include efficient, professional foam roof repair. Our capable roofers have extensive experience in foam roof repair as well as other spray foam roofing services. Hoppe Roofing has roots of quality commercial roofing service to Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota extending back to 1977.

As part of our foam repair service, at the beginning we carefully evaluate your foam roof’s condition. Our roofing professionals will perform a precise lookover of your roof during this process. They will examine all areas of damage and determine what your foam roof needs to remain waterproof. Then you will receive a detailed report and what’s needed to bring the roof back up to performance condition.

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Foam Roof Repair Service

One of the unique things about poly foaming systems is they’re renewable. Because of this distinction, they’re easy to repair.

  • Spray polyurethane foam is a closed-cell foam product
  • Closed-cell foam is very tight-celled & compact
  • This foam has almost 1 million closed cells per square inch
  • It prevents lateral water movement within the foam roof’s structure
  • Damage therefore tends to stay localized

If water seeps into a foam roof, it will likely remain in its point of entry. Foam roof repairs just involve removing the “wet” parts until dry foam is reached, caulking that area so it’s sealed against water, and then recoating over it.

In other words, foam roof insulation systems offer a great combination of longevity and cost-efficiency. But sometimes spray foam roofing systems are not installed properly. In the event your foam roof needs more intensive work, we can help you with these needs, too.

Spray Foam Roofing Benefits

The Hoppe Roofing Difference

  • Quality service since 1977
  • Experienced roofers
  • Durable, energy-efficient products
  • Non-prorated warranties
  • Superior workmanship


To strengthen our value, Hoppe Roofing is a proud member of the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA). This is a testament to our dedication to providing our customers with top-level expertise in foam roof installation, repair, maintenance, recoating, and replacement.

Our own durable foam roof insulation systems stand out with:

  • 6.5 R-value per square inch of thickness
  • Avoid intensive roof tear-off with applicability on almost all roof substrates
  • Seamless, fully adhered & extremely compact
  • Can be repaired & recoated for indefinite lifespan
  • Has resisted leaks, drips & other water-related troubles
  • Reinforced & protected by UV-resistant, durable roof coatings
  • Lasting protection against damaging effects of severe weathering
  • ENERGY STAR® certified
  • White surface with 85% reflectivity can give 30% yearly A/C cost savings
  • Significant heating cost savings during colder periods of year
  • Non-prorated warranty coverage for up to 18 years

Foam-roof-repair-serviceOur optional, non-prorated warranties cover 100% of labor and material costs. And they are renewable and extendable! On top of this, these foam roof insulation systems can pay for themselves in 7 years or less!

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